Arve flow slows

The flow of the Arve River is abating after breaking records yesterday.

Yesterday’s fast water was caused by days of heavy rain and warm weather melting snow falls. 

Monitoring equipment showed a rate 1000 m3 a second – when the average is 100. Authorities point out 1000 m3 a second is the highest the equipment can measure. 

The flow started to reduce at around midday yesterday and the closed bridges began to reopen at around 3pm. 

No injuries have been reported – but cellars were flooded, especially along quai Ernest Ansermet, such as the university’s Science II building and the TV building. 

The equipment room at the Vernets sports centre has been damaged which has closed the swimming pool and the skating rink.

The Geneva Fire and Rescue service says they are continuing to monitor the flow and are in constant contact with French authorities.

Weather forecasters say falling temperatures from today will slow the melt water and the river’s flow rate should continue to calm. 

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