Another wet weekend ahead - be careful

Flood damage in Val de Bagnes (c) Val de Bagnes

Authorities are warning that this weekend will be wet again and there could be more floods and landslides.

Forecasters say don’t be fooled by tomorrow – which is expected to be warm and sunny with highs of 25. But Saturday and Sunday will be a washout. 

Up to 60mm of rain is expected north of the Alps - but that could be more in the case of thunderstorms. 

Meteorologist Michael Eichmann told the Blick newspaper that normally that amount of rain wouldn’t be a problem, but the land is already saturated so the water will run off causing rivers and streams to rise quickly and could trigger mudslides. 

He adds there also quite a lot of snow above 2,500 meters. When it rains on snow, it melts and comes down the mountain with the rain. 

The good news is - without making any promises - next week could see the proper start of summer with plenty of sun and highs of 25. 

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