All cantons look for ways to boost vaccine


Cantons are coming up with different ideas on how to boost the vaccination rates.

The number of those wanting to be jabbed is falling off and the Federal Health Office is worried it’s still too low to protect the population and re-open the economy fully. 

It’s thought summer vacations are having an effect as well as younger people who feel the virus doesn’t affect them.

There are also hard to reach sections of the population – such as foreign residents.

Basel is sending out messages in 15 languages on WhatsApp. Aargau is planning to go straight to schools after the summer in an effort to boost take up. A move being watched by federal authorities to see how successful that could be. 

Some Coop and Migros supermarkets are now vaccination centres and in Solothurn there are mobile units. 

All cantons are preparing for a post-summer vaccination surge. 

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