Adverts still play to stereotypes

Advertising in Switzerland is still riddled with stereotypes and racial diversity is nearly non-existent.

A new survey suggests half of commercials in the country use a stereotype linked to gender.

The Protocole Gisler was set up to keep tabs on representation of people in advertising and marketing three years ago.

It reveals a popular male image is that of a competent professional or a figure they identify as ‘The Funny Guy’. 

Whereas women are shown to be the person who takes care of everything else. There is also a strong showing of women battling food cravings.

Non-white people appear in around a quarter of all adverts, but even then, tend to be in a role that could be described as an extra.

The report concludes advertising in Switzerland still has a long way to go to counter stereotypical representations – but does note adverts aimed at younger audiences do show greater diversity. 

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