2022 vignette unveiled - the last one you need?

Federal Customs Administration

The 2022 autoroute vignette has been unveiled to the public. But it may be the last one you have to buy.

By 2023 the government hopes to have an e-vignette ready. Motorists will have to register their licence plate on line, and there’ll be no need for the sticker – or the annual process of trying to get the previous year’s off the windscreen. 

The government wanted to get rid of the sticker altogether, but after a consultation decided to run the two systems at the same time. 

But as always, the big question about the new vignette – what colour is it? For next year it will be a rather striking metallic purple. 

You can buy it from Monday.  It’s valid from 1 December to 31 January 2023. 

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