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Friday, October 29th, 2021 - 27 minutes

Today on the show we look at how to harness kids' curiosity. We also take a look at some resources available to kids who are passionate about STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - in the local area. 

02:00 - 08:30 Sascha Schmilling is Head of Student and Teacher Programmes at CERN. He speaks today on the show about some of the different facilities that are at CERN for families and also schools, including visits and various education programmes. We also look ahead to find out what additional facilities will arrive with the new Science Gateway construction, due to open in 2023. 

08:35 - 15:01 Christi McEvoy is a Primary School Teacher who is particularly passionate about science. He talks about experiments and field trips that work particularly well with his primary aged kids (5-11 years) and also the soft skills that children learn through science; including organisation, recording data, reporting etc. 

15:08 - 21:08 Hedwig Ens, from Frontiers for Young Minds organises the peer review process for kids to review scientists' publications. Kids from 8 - 15 years old can be involved in the publication as a reviewer, to find out about the latest discoveries, and have the opportunity to ask the scientists any questions that they may have. Hedwig talks about the benefits of empowerment that this can bring to kids and teens involved. 

21:14 - 27:08 Felicia De Lucia is a teacher at the International Institute of Lancy and she is in charge of the curriculum and coordination of the STEAM programme for early years and primary settings. She talks about how children as young as 3 years old are getting involved creatively with STEM subjects and how they've added an A for the arts! Their STEAM labs allow children the opportunity to create, build, learn and understand in a positive learning environment. 




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