Summer camps: finding the best camps for the kids

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Friday, 28 May 2021 - 18 minutes


CampZone offers fun, creative, sporty and techy camps welcoming all children ages 3 - 12. CampZone is a place for fun, friendships and activity! Located on Institut International de Lancy, CampZone is open to children during school vacations with half or full day options.

Nathalie Wetterwald is CampZone manager at IIL and on this episode of Learn More, she talks to Katt Cullen about the top questions that parents have about camps and how we can make the best decision for children so they enjoy their summer camps. 


00:00 - 05:20 Nathalie and Katt talk about the different things that kids particularly want from their summer camp - such as fun activities, to have or make friends at camp and to meet kind camp leaders that encourage them. When we talk about what parents want from summer camps, of course it's happy kids(!), but also they do need extra consideration to ensuring they fit around family or work commitments

05:30 - 11:35 We look at different types of camps that you can go on and reflect on the kinds of questions Nathalie hears most from parents, including questions about the ratio of kids to adults, covid security measures and planning of the day. We talk about tips for less outgoing kids and how camp leaders can help. 

11:45 - 18:00 Nathalie tells us all about CampZone itself. We look at the arty, tech, sporty and even magic camps that CampZone offer over the summer. Nathalie explains how kids that normally go to IIL love how it doesn't feel like school during the holiday, and how they have certain ways to make sure that kids who don't normally go to the school, still feel very welcome. We also look at how CampZone makes things easy for working parents with flexible timing options. For an overview of the prices, a week at CampZone will cost around CHF 275-300 for half day camps and CHF 550-650 for full day camps (price given for the full week), all depending on the camp chosen.

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