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Thursday, 22 April 2021 - 28 minutes

Our guests this week are teachers, trainers, artistic directors and performers and they join us today to share the benefits of different creative endeavours for our children. 

00:00 - 01:20 - An introduction to the show topics and our guests

01:20 - 10:20 - Christina Conti is an Expressive Arts Facilitator and Therapist working with children, teens and families for the past 10 years. She's an art and theatre teacher and is currently working on her PhD in Expressive Arts at the European Graduate School in Sass Fee. She's an actor, artist, director, and a mum of a creative teenager. She talks about the importance of encouraging the process over the end result when it comes to the arts, and how to recognise what creative endeavours might be right for your child.

10:30 - 16:20 Jane Davis is a Circus Director and trainer in Wollongong Australia. As well as running circus schools, she's a teacher and trainer of acrobalance and aerials, amongst many other circus disciplines.  She focusses on community circus and the benefits that circus has for children learning about their own bodies, their boundaries and particularly learning about risk taking in a risk-averse society. Jane highlights the celebration of diversity that arts, particularly circus, offers us. She also reminds us that some circus is there to be silly - and this is an important aspect of childhood!

16:30 - 26:55 Marquis McGee is a musician, teacher and sound innovator. He plays many different instruments and creates musical scores and soundscapes for film, animation, video games, and documentaries. He also experiments with sound in interesting and innovative ways such as through his SoundSips project and as a foley artist with the Basel Opera. Here he talks about the power of music to understand sound, to heal and as a way to express ourselves. But also practically speaking, as he specialises in wind instruments, Marquis also finds that learning an instrument might be the first time a child has really consciously thought about their breathing. 

26:55 - 27:55 We take a look at highlights for the International Institute of Lancy's creative arts programmes; from visual arts courses which allow kids to develop artistic literacy and sensitivity, to fine arts or film & media studies as different options. They also offer the baccaualaureate specialising in fine arts. 

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