Learn More - Creating structure around homework and screen time

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Wednesday, 3 February 2021 - 28 minutes

00:00 - 04:40 - Chid Psychologist Dr Rebecca Weber and WRS's Katt Cullen talk about getting into better habits this year and what makes these types of promises or commitments we make to ourselves and our kids, more likely to succeed. Two words you'll hear here: "realistic goals".

04:40 - 12:45 - Mark Bucther talks to Dr Rebecca Weber specifically about homework, including tips for getting homework done with minimum fuss. An improved structure can help and limiting homework time can be encouraging. 

12:45 - 19:20 - We look at the effects of distance learning on mental health, There have been some positives and negatives around distance learning throughout the pandemic. The positives include the reduction in social anxiety, but the negatives can be around the isolation. We'll also start to look at screen time limits for working and recreational time. 

19:20 - 27:30 - Dr Weber explains what happens when kids / teens and parents disagree about these goals, routines and rules around screens, as well as the best way to find resolution. 


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