Bullying; why it happens and how to prevent it

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 - 23 minutes

KiVa is an anti-bullying programme developed in Finland. The programme has been scientifically programme to be effective against bullying. It offers a wide range of tools and materials for schools to adopt to tackle bullying, and focuses on prevention as well as resolution. It offers a holistic approach that focuses on the wider social groups of individuals who are bullying, or being bullied. 

Francisco Benavente is the Project Manager for the KiVa anti-bullying programme at the International Institute of Lancy. He joins Katt Cullen on the WRS Breakfast Show. 


00:00 - 07:26 Francisco and Katt look at why kids bully, or are bullied. Francisco explains that there are many different types of bullying; some very subtle, such as exclusion or rumours. Is there truth in kids needing the latest computer games, or the newest sports gear in order to avoid being bullied? Francisco reminds us, if you're being bullied, it's not your fault!

07:34 - 12:15 Francisco talks about how KiVa has changed his school. We look at the ways in which the skills taught by the KiVa programme are fundamentally just great life skills, such as recognition, communication and empathy. We look at the time it takes to implement and teach various anti-bullying measures. 

12:20 - 18:26 We read a listener email that highlights the significance of groups and how tackling the wider social circle has an effect on breaking the pattern of bullying. We look at parents and the role they have to play in the situation. It's important for parents to be aware of what is going on with their child, and yet also Francisco asks that parents do discuss and trust their team. If a child dreads school or is suffering from a lack of sleep, these can be things for parents to discuss with the school. 

18:34 - 23:00 Francisco wants everyone to adopt this programme! He talks about the last year following the implementation of KiVa at IIL. The cases are less serious and any incidents are now more quickly resolved. The staff have the skills to recognise, identify and resolve any incidents of bullying within the school.


Further information can be found at iil.ch/en/anti-bullying/ and kivaprogram.net

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