Medicinal plants you can grow at home

Dig It!

Friday, 1 October 2021 - 26 minutes

Hester and Katt talk about medicinal plants for Dig It! LIVE

We look at some easy-to-grow plants that are good for autumn coughs and colds. We look at why we reach for the lemon and ginger, but what alternatives might be good for this as well. We check out what's good for an upset tummy, and what could perk us up, as a coffee alternative. 

Hester talks about the Schnynigge Platte Alpine Garden - open now until 24 October. As well as some other workshops at the Swiss Gardening School (Autumn Planting workshop 7 October), where to get your mushrooms checked, and a “cataplasm” workshop. 

And we also have listener questions about when to split mint, using sage in tea, mushroom kits, and elderberries. 

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