Getting ahead in the garden

Dig It!

Thursday, 3 February 2022 - 22 minutes

For this episode of Dig It! we talked to Hester Macdonald about how to get ahead in the garden now, so we can sit back and relax when the good weather finally arrives. 

Hester's advice is to really think about what you want to do in your garden this year: Make a list of those key points, and then really narrow it down to 3 priorities that you'll tackle first. Budget might also come into play. Is it something you can tackle on your own? Or will you need a professional? Also, will you need your neighbour's permission? If so, that might be something to ask for now, but the job itself might have to go on next year's to-do list.

Hester also had some tips on how to remove the plastic elements of gardening, including recycled paper pots, and a few essential tools you'll need to start off this year, like the ones pictured from Schilliger Garden Centre. 

As always, we answered some listener questions this morning and had a great giveaway, from Schilliger (competition mentioned now closed).


During the live show we had lots of enthusiasm for an upcoming show about bees and pollinators. Do you have a great theme suggestion for a show? If so, contact us!

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