Garden design secrets

Dig It!

Wednesday, 16 March 2022 - 27 minutes

On today's show, Professional Garden Designer Hester Macdonald shares tricks of the trade when it comes to garden design. She starts us off by guiding us through what a wish-list might look like, and how to work with restrictions such as budget, space,  and permissions that may be required. Hester recommends to live in the space before making any drastic decisions. 

When it comes to tools, Hester has a few apps she can recommend that will make garden design easy to visualise and explain, although she's not against simple squared paper to map out the design. For inspiration, she has apps and book recommendations for us on design, and also for colour. 

Lastly we tackle listener questions:
Paula's new neighbours can now see her pool; what's the best way to create some privacy? Dave's neighbours are so great he wants to join his garden up with his neighbours. Is it a good idea, and how best to go about it? Philippe's going to move into a new-build, but wants to start working on the garden this year; what can they do before the property purchase is even finalised? Finally, Heidi's hedge is dying and she needs a more hardy alternative. 


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