Every weekday we invite a guest to join us on the Breakfast Show at 08:40am, to play the music they love on a given theme, and to tell us why they love it.

Lea joined us on Choose a Tune

(8 - 12 February)

Lea Cavalieri

Things we learnt about Lea include:

She has a chihuahua called Romeo, she attends the Academy School of Musical Theatre in Geneva and takes singing and acting lessons there and she has happy memories of staying up late and playing cards ! 

We love her song 'The Sailor's Song' !


A Motivational Monday Track

A Tuuuuune for Tuesday

Getting over the Wednesday "hump day"

A #ThrowbackThursday track

Friday's song for the weekend



Thanks Lea ! 

If you'd like to participate in Choose a Tune, contact us, or leave a comment below.




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