Our New Website

Welcome to the new WRS website!

We decided it was time for a change and a bit of a refresh. We hope you like it.

But as it’s still very new, there could be a few little kinks to iron out, so if you come across a broken link or empty page – then we’re working on it. Please bear with us, or leave us a comment below to let us know what you've found.

You will notice the classifieds have come to an end. We’re sorry if you’re going to miss that – but frankly not many people were using the feature any more – and some of those that were, were a little questionable. It was taking up too much time to monitor, and even then, some unscrupulous sorts got through.

The change also means some of our archives have gone – such as old news stories.

But some of the interviews that we had will still be available on Soundcloud.



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