Second jab side-effects widespread


With the vaccination programme in full swing many people are reporting side effects with the second dose more than the first.

But doctors say that’s nothing to worry about. It’s also nothing to worry about of you don’t have side effects. 

The figures show that an adverse reaction after the first dose is very rare – but every sixth person jabbed with the Moderna vaccine and every fourth with Pfizer for the second time reports feeling ill the next day. 

Symptoms are aches, fevers and headaches. But it’s short lived, normally 24 hours at most. It is advised to see a doctor if the side effects last more than 48 hours. 

Speaking to the Blick newspaper, Christoph Berger, the head of the Federal Commission of Vaccination, says the side effects are simply the body reacting differently. 

For the second dose, the body remembers the first jab and how it reacted – and then reacts more strongly to the second. It's just a sign the vaccine is working. 

But does that mean if you don’t have side effects the vaccine isn’t working? Berger says no, people just react differently – but everyone is protected. 

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