Paléo sell out in record time

Despite the initial criticisms of the Paléo line up this year – tickets sold out in a new record time.

The sale started yesterday at noon and 21 minutes later – they were gone – all 200,000. 

Last year it took 41 minutes.

But some lineups sold out faster – the first, and most expensive with Mika, went in ten minutes and then a minute later the night with Burna Boy and Sean Paul was full.

If you missed out – all is not lost. Next week the ticket exchange will be opened so those who have too many can sell them – at official prices – and there are always 1,500 available at the door during the festival. 

When the line up was first revealed, many commentators complained there wasn’t a headline act to make it stand out from the other festivals in the country.

Maybe that reaction tells us more about the average age of the newspaper columnist. 

Paléo is on this year between July 23rd and 28th. 

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