Idea Geneva should build French car parks is back


The idea that canton Geneva should pay to build Park and Ride car parks in neighbouring France is being put back on the agenda – despite the idea being rejected by the people in 2014 by 51%.

The Liberal Party is pushing a motion in the cantonal Grand Council calling for the money to be made available and urging federal involvement. 

Those in favour say the completion and success of the Léman Express means the situation has changed and it’s more important to have car parks near stations on the French side to persuade car owners not to cross the border in their car – but take the train instead. 

But those who were opposed before, remain opposed now. Saying the French should pay. 

If the idea moves through the Grand Council – which seems likely – it will end up with the people. 

The right-wing parties of the Geneva Citizens Movement and the Swiss People’s Party will undoubtedly fight the idea, as they did successfully last time. 

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