Bar workers complain of entrapment

Bar workers in Geneva are pushing back against efforts by the police to catch them serving underage customers.

They say it’s more like being trapped. 

Underage test customers are sent in undercover to ask for a drink. If they are served, the bar and staff could face legal action. 

Last week several bars in Carouge, the Old Town and Plainpalais were targeted by police. 

One bar manager told the press that this is designed as a trap, not a control.

Girls are mainly used as purchasers, who can look older than they are. They are also permitted by police to lie to the bartender if asked – so they can claim they’re old enough. 

The restaurant association, GastroSuisse, says it advises bar staff to ask for ID more readily. 

In Switzerland, 16-year-olds can drink wine, beer and cider. Stronger drinks are for those above 18. 



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