Making a bee house (and looking after all pollinators)

Dig It!

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 - 25 minutes

In this episode Hester shares tips for helping the pollinators. We talk about the plants that flower in the colder months to help the pollinators when resources are more scarce, as well as building bee hotels for them to find safe shelter and food. 

If you can't make your own, then Swiss company Wildbiene will set up a complete bee-house for you. And now you've started to notice them more, is a great website to track your sightings. 

Some events this month include the Rose Nouvelle de Nyon (open now until October), Botanica - at the Botanical Gardens in Geneva, the Fête de la Dahlia in Morges, and this huge one-day-only sale at Schilliger Garden Centre this Saturday 25 June:


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