Godzilla vs Kong, Old

Big Screen, Little Screen

Monday, July 26th, 2021 - 10 minutes

Today we're looking at the ultimate battle between the two most iconic monsters: Godzilla vs Kong (Sky Show - available 29 July). Suzi explains how Director Adam Wingard wanted the watcher to invest in one character or another. Who are you rooting for? She has some behind the scenes info about the movie and we listen to a short snippet from the trailer to understand more about the forces at play in the movie, and Kong's relationship with little girl Jia, who is crucial to this battle. 

Also today we look at Old (cinema release) where filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan portrays the horrifying scenario of a family trapped in a place where the ageing process is sped up so drastically, that everyone lives their entire life in one day. That place just happens to be a beautiful beach, with no way out. 

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from 29 July 2021

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