Big Screen, Little Screen - Schitt's Creek, Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Ivan

Big Screen, Little Screen

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 - 7 minutes

Grab the popcorn. Here we go...  

This week we start with a show that we've heard so much about, mainly due to how many awards it's won - Schitt's Creek (Sky Show) is now finally available in Switzerland. We can't wait to find out if this comedy lives up to all the hype we've heard about it. Next we get stuck in a time loop with The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (Prime Video), and get all the feels with The One and Only Ivan (Disney+) featuring Brian Cranston who you'll know we're a big fan of on the show.

Ready to see whether Schitt's Creek lives up to all that hype? It's available on Sky Show now !

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