Desserts: Blackberry Mousse on Tuiles

Blackberry Mousse on Tuiles


  • 75 g sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod, cut open lengthways, seeds scraped out
  • 2 tbsp. water , siedend
  • 25 g white flour
  • 25 g butter, liquid, left to cool
  • 25 g shelled ground almonds
  • 1 tsp. poppy seed
  • 1 egg white, whipped until stiff
  • 50 g blackberries, cut in half
  • 80 g icing sugar
  • 1 bag instant gelatine (ca. 10 g)
  • 300 g Greek yoghurt
  • 0.5 dl lukewarm water
  • 3 leaves gelatine
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Mix the flour, almonds and sugar, and stir in the butter and water. Fold in the beaten egg white carefully. Form the puffs: Line two oven trays with baking paper. Pour one tablespoon of batter per tuile on a tray and spread it into an oval about 7 x 11 cm in size. Repeat until you have six tuiles on each tray. Sprinkle with poppy seed. Bake approx. 15 minutes in a preheated 150°C convection oven. Using a spatula, remove the tuiles immediately from the tray and drape each over a rolling pin with the poppy-seed side down.

Puree the blackberries with the icing sugar and the vanilla seeds. Stir the instant gelatine into the water, then into the blackberries, and press the mixture through a sieve. Stir in the yoghurt, cover, and chill for approx. 2 hours.


  • Desserts
  • 2h 45 Preparation/cooking time: ca. 30m + Bake: ca. 15m + Refrigerate: ca. 120m
  • Servings For 12 pieces
  • Nutrition 125 Kcal