Dario Brander

Swiss Up!

Dario Brander is Swiss. He's uncovering the mysteries of Switzerland and taking you beyond the cheese and the chocolate. 

Since his early childhood in central Switzerland Dario has always loved stage acting, so when it was time to decide what to study - he chose international relations at the University of Geneva. He then went on to work as a community manager at the Impact Hub Geneva before realising that his passion for presenting content to an audience could not be kept under the lid for much longer. He blew off the lid and is now super excited to present you stories and mysteries of Switzerland every weekday morning. 

Whether it's the Swiss guards that protect the Pope, nuclear bunkers and secret societies to mythological creatures living the Alps. Dario takes you on a journey to uncover Switzerland, one mystery at a time, every weekday morning on the Breakfast Show with Mark Butcher and Katt Cullen at 08:40am.