Afghan conflict: US and Taliban sign deal to end 18-year war

The US and its Nato allies have vowed to withdraw all troops if the Taliban uphold their commitment.

Coronavirus: Unexplained West Coast cases raise fears in US

Three cases involving people with no connection with affected countries are found on the West Coast.

Syria war: Turkey says thousands of migrants have crossed to EU

President Erdogan "opened the doors" for them to exit, saying his country can no longer host them.

Roman Polanski: Actress walkout as he wins best director at 'French Oscars'

Several actresses leave 'French Oscars' ceremony after Roman Polanski wins prize for best director.

Leap Year: What it's like being born on 29 February?

People around the world tell us what it's like being born on 29 February.

Three die in dry-ice incident at Moscow pool party

Dry ice was poured into the baths at an Instagram influencer's birthday party, media reports say.

Snake eats towel: A vet explains her strangest day at work

Dr Olivia Clarke saved the life of Monty, an 18-year-old jungle carpet python who had managed to swallow a whole beach towel.

Slovakia election: Double murder haunts voters

The murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée convulsed Slovak politics.

Asia Bibi: I always believed I would be freed

The Pakistani Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy after years on death row says she hopes to one day return to Pakistan.

Free transport in Luxembourg, but what's the cost?

One aim is to get cars off the road and ease traffic congestion but critics see it as a PR stunt.

Fish oil supplements offer 'little or no benefit' against cancer

Research suggests omega-3 supplements may not be as beneficial as previously suggested.

Paris Gare de Lyon: Fire at station amid DR Congo concert protest

Police said there had been "unacceptable incidents" linked to a Congolese singer's concert.

Coronavirus: Global shares suffer worst week since financial crisis

US shares slide as fears over the impact of the coronavirus continue to grip investors.

Delhi riots: Muslim women recall horror of Molotov cocktails and arson

Religious violence in the Indian capital has left thousands staring at a bleak future.

Syria war: Refugees eye Europe as Turkey hits breaking point

Turkey says it is no longer preventing Syrians from leaving for Europe - and the refugees want to move.

Latvia railway: Why I love living in an old train station

Milda Romanova's home is an old rail station, and at 88 she still loves all things trains.

Kizito Mihigo: The Rwandan gospel singer who died in a police cell

Rwandan genocide survivor Kizito Mihigo, hailed as a national talent, was later accused of treason.

Five reasons why Canada's 'shutdown' is a big deal

Justin Trudeau is under pressure, companies are getting spooked and farms are running low on fuel.

How making a violin brought these two together

When Nashville musician Amanda asked violinmaker Ray to make her one, little did she know where it would lead.

Afghanistan conflict: US-Taliban deal raises hope for peace

A long-awaited accord between the US and the Taliban is greeted cautiously by a war-weary population.

Protecting whales from the noise people make in the ocean

Oil drilling and construction is creating a din for sealife - new tech is hoping to turn the volume down.

Greta Thunberg: What does the teenage climate change activist want?

The Swedish teenager started a climate change protest that grew into a global movement of millions.

Asia Bibi: 'I kept thinking, what is happening to me?'

A Pakistani Christian woman recounts the years she spent on death row for being convicted of blasphemy.

Paris Gare de Lyon: Major fire forces station evacuation

A large fire breaks out at the Gare de Lyon station, with police reporting "unacceptable incidents".