Beirut explosion: Angry residents demand answers after blast

People in Lebanon call for justice after a blast that left at least 137 dead and about 5,000 injured.

The mother in labour during blast

Emmanuelle was getting ready to give birth at St George's hospital in Beirut when an explosion rocked Lebanon's capital.

Coronavirus: How does a Covid-19 pandemic come to an end?

The pandemic officially started when the WHO declared it in March 2020 but how will it end?

Facebook and Twitter restrict Trump accounts over 'harmful' virus claim

The social networks say a post of a TV interview Mr Trump gave contained Covid-19 "misinformation".

Hiroshima bomb: Japan marks 75 years since nuclear attack

The first nuclear weapon used in war killed 140,000 people - Japan surrendered days later, ending WW2.

Ahmedabad: Fire in India Covid hospital kills eight in critical care

The blaze had spread after a staff member's PPE kit caught fire due to a short circuit.

Hong Kong foreign press says journalists being targeted in US-China stand-off

The Foreign Correspondents' Club warns pressure from Beijing could jeopardise press freedom.

Coronavirus: France records two-month high in cases

Spain has also recorded its highest number of daily coronavirus cases in months.

Jake Paul: FBI swat team seizes guns at home of YouTube star

The social media star is no stranger to controversy and has had other run-ins with law enforcement.

US election: Biden to accept nomination remotely as virus worsens

Joe Biden will not attend the Democratic convention in Milwaukee because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Zhang Yuhuan: Chinese court clears man of murder after 27 years in prison

Zhang Yuhuan, who always claimed his innocence, was China's longest-serving wrongfully convicted inmate.

Hiroshima bomb: The day Michiko nearly missed her train

The horrors of the Hiroshima atomic bomb are laid bare through the story of one woman's life.

Zarka's husband sliced off her nose. A surgeon offered to restore it for free

A young Afghan woman suffered a brutal domestic assault, but surgery gave her a ray of hope.

Beirut explosion: What is ammonium nitrate and how dangerous is it?

Ammonium nitrate has been blamed for a deadly explosion in Beirut, but what exactly is the chemical?

Kashmir: 'I could land up in jail if I express myself freely'

Artists, poets and journalists feel that freedom of expression is under attack in Kashmir.

Banned protesters send #ZimbabweanLivesMatter viral

The social media campaign tapping into the anger of the global #BlackLivesMatter phenomenon.

In pictures: Chaos and destruction in Beirut after blast

Photos show the destruction in the Lebanese capital after a huge explosion.

Coronavirus: How an aged care crisis seized 'ill-prepared' Australia

As Australia endures its most deadly virus period, has it failed its most vulnerable people?

China Uighurs: A model's video gives a rare glimpse inside internment

Seven months ago Merdan Ghappar disappeared in Xinjiang. Then his family started getting messages.

Beirut explosion: Exploring the damage after the blast

A Beirut resident show how people are trying to help clean up and recover after the blast.

Beirut blast: Eyewitnesses describe the power of the explosion

Eyewitnesses describe the power of the deadly explosion that rocked Beirut.

Beirut explosion: Moment blast hit BBC bureau

BBC Arabic reporter Maryem Taoumi was interviewing a member of the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy from the Beirut Bureau.

Beirut blast: City explosion causes widespread damage

Video is emerging online of the huge blast that has devastated a large part of the Lebanese capital.

Is noise pollution killing whales and dolphins?

Dr Maria Morell studies their ears to discover if hearing damage led to their death.