Coronavirus: EU to tighten vaccine exports amid row with AstraZeneca

The EU says it is unacceptable that AstraZeneca is cutting the number of pledged vaccine doses.

Covid: Dutch curfew riots rage for third night

Police describe it as the worst unrest in the Netherlands for decades, with more than 150 arrests.

Five days that shaped the coronavirus outbreak

Before Wuhan was locked down in January 2020 officials said the outbreak was under control - but the virus had spread inside and outside the city.

Tractor rally: Indian farmers breach Delhi's Red Fort in huge protest

Farmers angry at market reforms smashed their way through police lines to march into central Delhi.

Scientists address myths over large-scale tree planting

Scientists propose 10 golden rules for restoring forests to maximise benefits for the planet.

Australia Day: Thousands defy Covid rules in 'Invasion Day' protests

Several are arrested in "Invasion Day" rallies protesting against the day marking British colonisation.

Twitter pilot to let users flag 'false' content

The company acknowledges its "Birdwatch" idea could be "messy", but says it is worth trying.

House delivers impeachment charge against Trump

Leaders in the House have brought their article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate.

Coronavirus: Carlos Slim, Latin America's richest man, tests positive

The 80-year-old Mexican telecoms mogul shows mild symptoms and is doing "very well", his son says.

Covid vaccines: Casino boss resigns after jumping queue

Rod Baker and his wife travelled to the Canadian Arctic and posed as local workers to get the jab.

Harvey Weinstein: Court agrees $17m payout for accusers

The money comes from the liquidation of a firm co-founded by the disgraced film producer.

Coronavirus: Seafarers stuck at sea ‘a humanitarian crisis’

Crew are asking to be designated 'key workers' so they can go home without risking public health.

Shyamala Gopalan: The woman who inspired Kamala Harris

The tale of her rise is rooted in an audacious journey Shyamala Gopalan made more than 60 years ago.

Covid vaccines - how will poor countries get them?

A scheme to distribute Covid-19 vaccines is under way. Here's what you need to know.

Trump impeachment: When will he go on trial in the Senate?

The former US president was impeached, accused of inciting a mob. Here's a guide to the next steps.

Coronavirus in Zimbabwe: 'We need vaccines now'

Zimbabwean doctor Dixon Chibanda explains why it's so vital that Zimbabwe gets vaccines urgently.

Like a good deal? Maybe a hagglebot can help

Artificial intelligence is getting better at negotiating and research promises systems that could help you.

Randy Rainbow made his name satirising Trump - now what?

Why the show's not over for Randy Rainbow who used Broadway tunes to make fun of Donald Trump.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: The Trump defender enters political race

Known to millions around the world for her staunch defence of Trump, now it's her turn to speak for herself.

Covid: The dressmaker helping Australia with modified masks

When Manmeet Kaur began giving away masks, she realised many people would relish a different design.

Covid vaccines: Why some countries will have to wait until 2022

How are Covid-19 vaccines being distributed across the world? As some countries start vaccinating their populations, others are being left behind.

Hope and fear as Somalia’s civil war turns 30

The BBC's Andrew Harding has returned to Mogadishu to see what hopes people have for peace.

Giant panda cub Fu Bao clings on to zookeeper's leg in viral video

Six-month-old Fu Bao, who lives in South Korea, just won't let go of her zookeeper's leg.

Covid-19: Vaccine divides in the Middle East

Israel is vaccinating against Covid-19 faster than anywhere else, but most Palestinians are waiting.