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Failed blackmail attempt against health minister

National News // Nov. 23, 2020

Details are emerging of a blackmail attempt against the Health Minister, Alain Berset.

PaterMcFly Failed blackmail attempt against health minister

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office released more information over the weekend after the story first emerged in the Weltwoche magazine.

It dates back to December last year. Berset received an email, written in English, which threatened to publish letters and photos unless Berset paid CHF 100,000.

The magazine says the email writer was a woman – but that’s not confirmed by prosecutors.

A person was arrested and computers and mobile phones were seized. Government experts then set out to erase all the data contained on the devices.

The email writer was convicted of attempted blackmail and fined CHF 4,500.

A spokesman for Berset says the subject was about his private life from around eight years ago.


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