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Canton moves from worst hit to safest - track and trace to thank

National News // Nov. 20, 2020

Canton Schwyz is being studied by epidemiologists as it has moved from one of the worst hit cantons to one of the safest – and it seems to be down to track and trace.

Heidelbergerin from Pixabay Canton moves from worst hit to safest - track and trace to thank

In September, the canton hosted a yodeling show which became a super-spreader event. The incident made headlines around the world.

In the middle of last month, the hospitals in the region were under great strain due to infections.

But now it’s one of the safest areas of the country.

Epidemiologist Marcel Tanner says it’s a clear case of the benefit of track and trace. As the authorities could track down the spreader event quickly – those possibly infected were able to self-isolate and stop the transmission.

He also points out the cooperation of the population was vital. Those who’d been at the event told others they’d been in contact with to make sure they stayed at home as well.


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