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Possible reinfections in Geneva

National News // Oct. 21, 2020

There are two suspected cases of covid-19 reinfections in Geneva.

Pixabay Possible reinfections in Geneva

Although the cases have not been officially confirmed, the cantonal Department of Health say they are hearing about possible reinfections.

For a reinfection to be confirmed, the genetic sequences of the viruses have to be checked to make sure they’re different. Doctors stress a negative test between the infections is not enough – it maybe a resurgence of the first virus.

But even if these cases are confirmed, it’s not a cause of major concern. Epidemiologist Antoine Flahault from the University of Geneva says its clear reinfections are very rare. He points out that if there was only 5% of cases of reinfection, that would be 1,500 cases a day in France alone – so it’s not a major problem and doesn’t mean a vaccine would be ineffective when one is available.

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