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Girl found dead in Neuchatel apartment

National News // Oct. 14, 2020

Police are investigating the death of a girl in an apartment in canton Neuchatel. The body was discovered early last month – but the details have just been leaked to the Arcinfo newspaper.

Pixabay Girl found dead in Neuchatel apartment

The girl is thought to be aged between 12 and 15.

The newspaper says she’s thought to be a foreigner. There were identity papers on the body, but the authorities have doubts about their authenticity.

The girl was living with a man in his forties. He alerted the police after her death. He’s been charged with sexual abuse and failing to provide assistance. Reports suggest he’s known to the police as a drug user.

The police say they didn’t release information of the investigation as they didn’t need the help of the public and are still trying to track down the girl’s family.

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