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Man sacked for film link backed by federal court

National News // Sept. 25, 2020

A man who was sacked from his job when it was revealed he wrote a screenplay for a controversial splatter movie – Mad Heidi – has won his case in the Federal Court.

Mad Heidi Man sacked for film link backed by federal court

The man had worked in security at Zurich airport when his extra-curricular activities came to light.

He was criticized by Zurich cantonal police for his involvement in the film which involves graphic, comical violence, Swiss satire with Nazi clichés – and torture by fondue.

Initially a lower Zurich court backed the man in March, calling his dismissal ‘abusive’ – but the canton appealed to the Federal Court – which again backed the man.

He says he’s relieved at the verdict.

The film itself hasn’t been made yet – but has been raising money through crowdfunding. Shooting is planned for next year.

There is a trailer on the website - madheidi.com. Viewer discretion is advised. But it is very funny.


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