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Pandemic scientists receiving abuse from skeptics

National News // Sept. 9, 2020

Scientists working on the coronavirus say they are receiving more personal abuse from skeptics who claim it’s all a hoax. 

UN Pandemic scientists receiving abuse from skeptics

The former head of the Federal Health Office communicable disease division, Daniel Koch, was berated earlier this week while he was speaking at Zurich cathedral. 

He was heckled and accused of lying. He left through a back door. 

Others are having a similar experience. Many say they have emails and phone calls from those who think it’s all fake. 

Ticino virologist Andreas Cerny told the Blick newspaper he tries to answer the claims - but doesn’t respond to abuse. 

But he makes an interesting point: while skeptics contact him from around the country, none from canton Ticino. 

He says he thinks that’s because the Italian speaking canton was hit hard – they know its not fake. 


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