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Government hesitant to put France on 'red list'

National News // Sept. 3, 2020

Although France should be on Switzerland’s ‘red list’ due to its infection rate, the government is not yet demanding travellers quarantine on their return. 

Unsplash Government hesitant to put France on 'red list'

Federal councillor Alain Berset told the press they are still analyzing the situation. He acknowledged there are particular problems with adding a country that shares a border to the list. 

The decision is being welcomed by cantons Geneva and Vaud particularly. 

The Geneva health minister, Mauro Poggia, says even if France was on the list – there would have to be many exceptions for cross border workers and families. 

The latest numbers from the Federal Health Office shows there have been 370 new infections in the last 24 hours. Around 17,000 people are currently in quarantine or isolation.


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