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TPG to remove paper tickets from public transport system

National News // Aug. 14, 2020

There are concerns that the elderly and young children may be disadvantaged by a new ticketing system for Geneva public transport. 

Unsplash TPG to remove paper tickets from public transport system

The TPG wants to move into the 21st century. The new system will mean passengers will not be given a ticket – but a record will be kept on the bank, or prepaid, card used to pay for travel. 

While the system does keep to data protection law, the fact passengers don’t have a ticket could be confusing to the old. 

Parents also worry about children traveling. One told the press before they would give their child 2 francs to get a ticket, now they have to have a prepaid card which may have 20 francs on it. Which they may lose. 

The TPG say not issuing a ticket will cut paper use and make the machines simpler to maintain.


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