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Belgium places Geneva, Vaud and Valais on "red list"

National News // Aug. 3, 2020

Belgium has red-listed travel to Geneva, Vaud and Valais.


Unsplash Belgium places Geneva, Vaud and Valais on "red list"
The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has placed the three areas on a “red list” due to coronavirus infections levels - meaning travellers have to quarantine and take a test for Covid-19. 
The Cantons have appealed to the federal government to respond quickly as the ban is not only bad for tourism, but also a problem for the region’s brand and image. 
In mid-July, Belgium declared Ticino as an “orange” area - meaning quarantine and testing for travellers.
However, after the Swiss government intervened, the Belgian authorities backed down and removed Ticino from the list. 

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