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Man arrested for series of animal thefts

National News // July 24, 2020

A man has been arrested for a series of animal thefts in canton Vaud. The 22-year-old father of twins from Begnins has been stealing animals for the last three years. Police say he’s taken more than 112. 

Unsplash Man arrested for series of animal thefts

But trying to take 26 sheep in February was his downfall. 

In total the man took 50 sheep, 33 lambs, 5 goats, 19 chickens and 5 turtles. 

But police were on his trail after the last sheep theft. The man had sold them to a farmer, who was suspicious, and reported it. 

It seems some of the man’s friends may have known. One told the Blick newspaper he knew he had taken sheep and sold them to a slaughterhouse. They were turned into kebabs. 


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