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Young driver fined over CHF 14,000 for tailgating

National News // July 21, 2020

We know the dangers of speeding – not just for safety, but also the fines. 

Unsplash Young driver fined over CHF 14,000 for tailgating

But a young delivery driver has also learnt the hard way of the dangers of tailgating. 

The 22-year-old from Ticino was pulled over by Aargau police for being less than 6 meters away from the car in front on the A2 autoroute. 

Because he already has a traffic violation, the courts showed no mercy and banned him from driving and fined him more than CHF 14,000. 

He’s lost his job and says there’s no way he can pay the fine. 

There’s another option – 6 months in jail. 


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