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Referendum launched against track and trace app

National News // July 21, 2020

A referendum has been launched against the Swiss government’s Covid-19 track and trace app.

Unsplash Referendum launched against track and trace app

Although the current law allowing the app will expire in July 2022, the proposed referendum would end the legal window earlier. 

Campaigners say they’re worried about data security and that the law allowing the app would be extended and widen the scope of the app’s use. 

Even so, many people seem to be uninstalling the app. Earlier this month more than a million people were using it – that’s now down by more than 70,000. 

The Federal Health Office says part of the fall in users could be down to the number of people outside the country, as it stops working when outside Switzerland.

There are also concerns about the app draining the battery. 


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