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Coronavirus far from over in Switzerland

National News // July 17, 2020

The latest figures from the Federal Health Office shows the fight against coronavirus is far from over. 

UN Coronavirus far from over in Switzerland

In the last 24 hours 142 people have tested positive, with a lower number of average tests – just over 8,000. Normally around 10,000 a day are tested. 

The previous day, 70 tested positive. 

Despite the new figures, Belgium has backtracked on a decision to include canton Ticino on a list of areas its nationals would have to go into quarantine after they return from.

Initially it was the only area of Switzerland which was on the country’s ‘orange list’. 

But Belgium says it now considers the whole of Switzerland relatively safe. 

It’s good news for the Italian speaking canton as it tries to salvage the vital tourist trade. 


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