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More events around the country cancelled

National News // June 10, 2020

More events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Photo by Chris Chatham on Unsplash More events around the country cancelled

The Zurich Street Parade is off, as is the Knabenschiessen – the traditional shooting competition for young people. Normally around 4,000 take part. It was due to happen in September. 

It was decided it would be impossible to maintain social distancing and tracing if the event went ahead. 

And there’s only a 50/50 chance that this year’s traditional Escalade run in Geneva will go ahead, according to the president of the Course de l’Escalade, Jerry Maspoli. 

The races are still scheduled for the 5th and 6th December.

But a final decision on whether to go ahead has to be made by the end of summer at the latest. 

Organizers say they can’t risk planning on going ahead – but then having to cancel at the last minute as that could cost the entire budget of CHF 3.5m – risking all future events. 


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