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Covid-19 cases could see growth as R number set at over 1

National News // June 9, 2020

The ‘R’ number in Switzerland is reported as being over 1. That means on average each person carrying the virus is infecting more than 1 other person and could mean a growth in cases. 

UN Covid-19 cases could see growth as R number set at over 1

The Covid-19 Science Task Force released the number yesterday which relates back to the end of last month. On May 25th, the ‘R’ number was set at 1.02. 

Due to the time it takes from infection to showing symptoms means it takes around 2 weeks to calculate the number. 

The Task Force says its not particularly concerned at the moment as the level of infections is low. 

Yesterday there were 7 new cases. But Mondays tend to be lower due to reporting delays. There were 9 on Sunday and 20 on Saturday. 

But there won’t be a shortage of masks. A report in the NZZ newspaper says there were 40 million masks given to the cantons, 120 million are in storage and a further 90 million are still to arrive.  


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