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Study shows workers more productive at home

National News // June 8, 2020

New figures out suggest the anecdotal evidence of workers being more productive while at home is true. 

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash Study shows workers more productive at home

A study by the Swiss Trade Association reported in yesterday’s NZZ newspaper shows productivity per worker was up 16% during the lockdown, while hours worked fell 10%. 

Although GDP in the first quarter of this year show a drop of 2.6% - coupled with the drop-in hours worked, that shows an increase in individual output. 

The association’s head economist, Henrique Schneider, says the figures are striking and shows the economy is highly flexible and capable – at least in the short term. 

He says workers could focus on more essential tasks while at home while not wasting time with a commute. 


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