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Austria opens borders in further lockdown easing

National News // June 4, 2020

In a further sign of lockdown easing, Austria is the latest country to open its borders once again to all its neighbouring countries, except Italy. 

Photo by Sarah Donisi on Unsplash Austria opens borders in further lockdown easing

So, it’s now possible to travel to Austria from Switzerland freely from today. Before travellers needed to either quarantine or show proof they’re not infected. 

However, those coming from Austria into Switzerland still have to show they’re either residents, nationals or registered cross border workers. 

Austria will still have controls for other countries in addition to Italy. The foreign minister Alexander Schallenberg says Sweden, Britain and Spain are ‘difficult cases.’

In the meantime, the Swiss government says the Italian border will stay closed for the time being – despite the Italians opening their side. 

It means Swiss nationals or residents are able to travel freely, but Italians will still be controlled heading into Switzerland. 


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