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Aargau police call for young driver horsepower cap

National News // June 3, 2020

Aargau police are calling for a horsepower limit for young drivers. The police force says over the holiday weekend they caught young drivers speeding in very powerful cars, one in an Alfa Romeo which had been tuned to 500 horsepower. 

Photo by Gigi on Unsplash Aargau police call for young driver horsepower cap

Another driver in a Chevrolet Camaro was caught at 138 kph in an 80 zone. He lost his licence immediately. 

The head of Aargau police says no one under 21 should be driving such powerful cars. 

But there is little political support. Members of the Swiss People’s Party say it will be too complicated and are calling for stiffer penalties instead. 

The head of the Federal Roads Office, Thomas Rohrbach, adds restrictions may cause problems for younger drivers who may not be able to use a company or their parent’s car. 


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