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Restaurants add 'hygiene surcharge' to price of meal

National News // May 29, 2020

Some restaurants are charging a so-called ‘hygiene surcharge’ on food and drink. 

Photo by Vera Davidova on Unsplash Restaurants add 'hygiene surcharge' to price of meal

The sector has been badly hit by the lockdown and owners are trying to make up some of their losses and compensate for the fewer number of customers they can serve due to social distancing. 

One restaurant in Aargau is asking for an extra CHF 1.50 for a drink and CHF 3 for a meal. 

Some customers are asking if it’s legal. 

It is perfectly legal – restaurants are free to set their own prices. But the federal pricing office says any extra fees have to be made clear before the customer orders – and notes they may not be popular. 

But it would be fair to point out restaurants are buying masks for their staff and hand disinfectant. 


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