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Service stations in close proximity selling cheapest fuel

National News // May 28, 2020

If you want cheap fuel for your car – find service stations that are close to each other. 

Photo by Juan Fernandez on Unsplash Service stations in close proximity selling cheapest fuel

As the price of oil has been falling on the world markets – famously below zero at one point – that is now filtering through to the forecourt. 

Three petrol stations all together in Lyss in canton Bern are in a cut throat competition drive – which means they’re offering the cheapest fuel in the country. 

Currently the Coop station has the cheapest – at CHF 1.03 and BP the most expensive at CHF 1.09. 

At those prices, the garages will be making very little money as most of the cost is tax. 

An independent garage, which is selling a litre of petrol at CHF 1.035, says it should be able to keep prices low for a while as it has bought plenty of petrol head of time. 


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