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Life to largely return to normal by June 19th

National News // May 28, 2020

June 19th is the date to aim for. The government says from then there will be further relaxations in the lockdown laws so life will be returning to normal to a large extent. 

Photo by Papaioannou Kostas on Unsplash Life to largely return to normal by June 19th

Even before that date, there will be changes. From Saturday, the limit of no more than 5 people will be lifted to 30. From June 6th, some activities – such as a sporting event – can have a crowd of 300. But the limit of no more than 1,000 will stay until September at least. 

Also, on that date, cinemas, theatres, swimming pools and zoos can reopen. 

Limits on restaurants will also be lightened – the restrictions of no more than 4 at a table will go – but they will still have to be 2 meters apart. 

Borders with neighboring countries, except Italy will be open from June 15th.The government says it is in talks with the Italian authorities to coordinate that border opening.

The Health Minister, Alain Berset, says the changes are due to the low levels of new infections. He  says older people can go out and visit families, including grandchildren.

The federal government will also be handing back powers to the cantons from June 19th which means there could be some local restrictions put in place depending on infection rates. 


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