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Head of pandemic crisis response, Daniel Koch, to retire

National News // May 28, 2020

In another sign the worst of the infection is behind us – the man who has personified Switzerland’s response to the crises is now retiring.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash Head of pandemic crisis response, Daniel Koch, to retire

Daniel Koch – as head of the communicable disease unit at the Federal Health Office - has built a reputation for clear talking and solid authority over the past weeks. 

He was praised by Health Minister Alain Berset who says his commitment, scientific knowledge and his modesty has been invaluable. 

Since the start of the crises he’s taken part in all press conferences and 21 technical briefings. 

Koch should have retired when he reached 65 a few weeks ago – but stayed on during the height of the crises. 

He will face the media for the last time later today and will formally retire at the end of the month. 

Berset also noted that Koch appeared at every press conference with a different tie. 


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