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Beekeepers experience great harvest, worried for future

National News // May 26, 2020

Beekeepers say this year will see a bumper honey harvest. But that’s worrying. 

Photo by Boba Jaglicic on Unsplash Beekeepers experience great harvest, worried for future

Some keepers say they’re collecting double the amount they would normally expect at this time of year. The reason is due to the early start of spring with blooming flowers. 

It could make up for last year – with a wet spring, the harvest was very poor. 

But this year’s high yield comes with a warning. Beekeepers say it’s a sign of global warming, which on the whole will be bad for bees, because it’s very good for wasps. 

Warmer weather means more wasps, which are less tolerant of cold. They will live longer and attack and kill off beehives. 


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