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Mountain roads busy whilst Gotthard Tunnel remains quiet

National News // May 22, 2020

Mountain roads were busy yesterday as thousands took to the hills for the long weekend. 

Photo by Alexandra Nicolae on Unsplash Mountain roads busy whilst Gotthard Tunnel remains quiet

But the normally busy Gotthard Tunnel heading to Ticino was quiet – reflecting maybe nervousness about the Italian speaking region. 

The hot weather is certainly driving people to head for the outdoors, but while today is likely to be good everywhere – tomorrow will see cooler weather and some rain in many areas. 

The hottest day of the year so far was recorded in Biasca in Ticino at 29.5 and in Sion in Valais was up at 29.1. 

There are still warnings that social distancing rules remain in place. A tweet from Vaud police asked everyone to keep a sense of good citizenship. 


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