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Epidemiologist concerned over crowds seen at weekend

National News // May 20, 2020

A government epidemiologist says she’s very worried after seeing pictures of crowds of people out on the streets of Basel at the weekend. 

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash Epidemiologist concerned over crowds seen at weekend

Hoards took advantage of the lighter rules on Saturday to go out to eat and drink. Pictures show the 2-meter distance rule was rarely adhered to. 

Olivia Keizer is a member of the Federal Council’s scientific task force. She says it will only be known if there were any new infections in a couple of weeks. 

Some bars are also complaining. Many tried to limit the number of customers to stay legal – but others made little effort. 

Desirée Publioz who runs the Soho Bar in Steinen told the Basler Zeitung she’s concerned there will be more restrictions put in place after this weekend. 


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